Molnárvölgyi Akitas - SINCE 1997.


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American Akita Kennel





"Severe look, intrepid courage,

great heart-

that’s the  AMERICAN AKITA!!!"

I think I can be grateful to my fate as I belong to the very few whose job, hobby and interests are all clustered around one topic – and that is „the dog”.

I have prepared very consciously since my childhood to find a job connected to animals, and I succeeded to choose my schools accordingly

Though I graduated years ago, my love for animals and the desire to know more about them became more and more powerful.

It was 1996 when I got my first Akita. Suzy made me a fan of the breed at first sight and it hasn’t changed ever since. I was neither a breeder nor an exhibitor. I liked this breed and was interested in everything concerning Akitas. I started enthusiastically to collect information on the breed’s origin and because I wanted to know everything about it I read everything and anything about them.

In 2000 after a strict selection the representatives of the breed were put in two separate breeds, and that was the beginning of a new era. Besides Akita Inu the „Great Japanese Dog” appeared as a separate breed and since 2006 – hopefully for ever - it has been called the American Akita.

I attended dog shows whenever I could and talked to the breeders and exhibitors of the time.

I was enchanted and bewitched by the Akita.

I was longing to have my own kennels where I could achieve the breeding goals defined by myself, where the young ones born could fulfil my dreams about the American Akita.

I started to exhibit my dogs in 2004.

I could achieve excellent results with my male dog ZECK (born in 2003) both home and abroad. He was my very first dog to be taken to dog shows and we reached interchampion title very quickly.





In 2005 I bought a male and a female puppy with the direct I'm to take them to dog shows. Both MISTY and OMAR fulfilled my dreams attached to them. Both of them acted beautifully in the ring and their attitude to shows and exhibitions was outstanding so it was easy to obtain „champion” title with both of them.


During the years I have gradually defined the „how" and „what kind of"...

My aim was to form a bloodline for a  robust built dog with a huge body, strong bones, dark fur, whose temperament is ideal, and who is free of any illnesses.

In 2007 I bought a male puppy born form American-Canadian mating and he seems to be fulfilling the „American dream" for me. During his „career" in exhibitions he has obtained several Hungarian and international titles, he has won „Best in Show"`s, and club shows abroad, he won the title of „Dog of the Year" first as a junior and then as an adult in 2008. and in 2009.

At the moment he is a nominee for the title „interchampion", and he won Veteran World Winner '15. title in Milano.



Despite their young age they can boast with a number of important titles. Mikey is a junior champion of three countries, multi puppy BIS, BIS, ICH, Tuareg is an Austrian Club Winner, Italian CH, Lora is a Serbian junior champion, Dakar is a junior champion in two countries, and Serbian CH.

In my opinion the best feeling and result for a breeder is when every dog without exception from a litter becomes successful to the owners’ joy and contentment.

The siblings from the 2009 litter (Dakar, Zara, Zorba and Zaire) own 14 championships in Europe.

I am proud of the fact that the dogs from my breeding have been successful and make my kennels known in 4 continent's 30 countries of the world.

All dogs in Molnárvölgyi kennels are screened for HD- and PRA.  

I do believe and state that looking after dogs and taking the responsibility of them is a unique way of life.

… and I also believe that purposeful breeding, knowledge of the profession, thorough grounding, commitment and respect toward the dog help us to achieve our goals

… and if we achieve all these that brings happiness to everybody

To dog and owner equally!


Lívia Molnár

Owner of the Kennel

2x Gold Graded Masterbreeder



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