Meghívó és versenykiírás

Call for Participants

XXIIIrd Hajdú Cup Hexagonal Chess Open


Csupor Péter IM, Kalocsa,

Schenkerik Csaba IM, Budapest,

Vámosi Albert IHCF-M, Szálka

Organiser:                                Debreceni Hexasakk és Természetbarát Egyesület,

Location:                                 Gulyás Pál Dormitory, Debrecen Sumen street 3.

                                               Approach: 10 minutes walk from the railway station.

Date:                                       12-15 March 2010

Arrival time:                             17.00, 12 March 2010

Registration fee:                       free,

                                               Accommodation for 3 nights:

                                                                                   adult 5 000 HUF,

                                                                                   junior 3 000 HUF

                                                                                   participant from abroad 3 000 HUF.

Fee has to be paid for the organizers at arriving.

Meals are self-sufficent.

Please register in advance in ink or by phone!

Deadline of registration:            03rd March 2010 Wednesday

Registration address and info: Péter Sütő, Hungary H-4030 Debrecen, Mikepércsi út 57/a 3/14.

                                               Phone: (+3670) 207-3520, email:

System:                                    7 round swiss system or round robin.

Time-control:                           1 hour till the end.

Noting the game is compulsory except the last 5 minutes.

The sytem and the time-control depend on the number of players.

Tie-breaking:                           1. Median Buchholz or Berger score

                                               3. Number of games won

                                               2. Direct encounter

                                               4. Number of games won with black

                                               5. Score made with black


Prices: The winner owns the Cup for a year.

The best six players and the best unqualified player get diploma and price in material.


            12 March

17.00   Time-shared
Rapid competition

20.00   Opening, drawing

13 March

  8.00   1st round

10.15   2nd round

16.00   3rd round

19.00   Schnell competition


14 March

  8.00   4th round

10.15   5th round

16.00   6th round

19.00   Tandem competition

15 March

8.00     7th round

11.00   Closing

Please, inform your hexagonalchess-mates of this tournament!

All participants are very welcome to the competition!


Debrecen, 24 January 2010


                                                                                               Péter Sütő