Call for Participants

Tamási Cup 2010





Tamási Koppány SE



The Private room in Frank Restaurant, (Hungary) Tamási, Szabadság street 6.



8-11th July 2010


Time control:

1-1 hour + 20 sec extra time per move Noting the game is compulsory!



7 round swiss system.


Registration fee:

9.000 HUF/person, accomodation for 3 nights, 2 lunch and 4-day entrence fee to the spa is included

The fee for junior and participant from abroad is 7.000 HUF/person.


Deadline of registration:

5th July 2010


Registration address and info:

László Lódi:

H-7095 (Hungary) Iregszemcse, Arany János u. 21. Mobile: +36 70-397-0485 E-mail: laca970@citromail.hu




8th July (Thursday)                        until 17.00:     Arrival

                                                          17.30:    Time-shared Rapid competition


9th July (Friday)                                  7.30:     1st round

                                                          10.30:    2nd round

                                                13.00-14.00:     Lunch

                                                          15.00:     3rd round

                                                          19.00:     Blitz competition


10 July (Saturday)                              7.30:     4th round

                                                          10.30:    5th round

                                                13.00-14.00:     Lunch

                                                          15.00:    6th round

                                                          19.00:    Tandem competition


11th July (Sunday)                              8.00:    7th round

                                                          11:30:    Closing ceremony



Accomodation and meals:

The accomodation is in 3 bedrooms at the Thermal Motel which is 300 m far from the place of the competition.

The open air spa is at the Thermal Motel! The lunch is at the same restaurant where the tournament takes place.!



1 – 3. place: Cup and medal

1 – 6. place: diploma and price in material



The tournament will be organised with at least 10 participants. Fee for family members and other attendants is 9.000 HUF/person.


All participants and attendats are very welcome!


                                                                                  László Lódi


Tamási, 28th April 2010