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2013 tavasz: provizorikusan felfuggesztve!!!

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2009 től rendszerressé vált, hogy Laurino tanfolyamokat ad Varkallában, egy csodaszép kis dél-Indiai városban. Két tanfolyamot tart, egy kezdőt, majd egy haladó oldalsó pozícióst. Én általában segédtanárként részt veszek mindkettőn, tudok segíteni olyanoknak is, akik nem beszélnek angolul. A tanfolyamok árai jóval barátságosabbak magyar zsebnek mint a föld bármely más pontján (kezdő: 200 Euró, haladó 125 Euro) és az Indiába menő repjegy is sokszor jó áron szerezhető be. Szívesen látunk bármelyik tanfolyamon!

A tanfolyamok időpontjai: Január 13. -24., 2012 (Kezdő) Január 28. -Február 1., 2012 (Haladó Oldalsó Pozíciós)

A tanfolyamok azért kerülnek Varkallában megrendezésre, mert földrajzilag igen közel van Amma Ashramjához. Klikk ide, ha elolvasnád a 2008 as utinaplóm idevágó bejegyzését a híres Ölelő Anyáról, aki a véget nem érő Darshanjairól lett híres.

Íme a tanfolyamok részletei, angolul, ha valakit érdekel a részvétel magyarul emailben szívesen adok tájékoztatást!

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Courses with Laurino in Varkala, South India

Beginners course: 13th – 24th January 2012

Advanced side position course: 28th January – 1st February 2012

What is Thai Yoga Massage? Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art based on the principles of yoga philosophy. As in hatha yoga, the primary aim is to balance the sun and moon energies in the central energetic channel of Sushumna nadi and to provide an opportunity for spiritual growth.
Through the combination of acupressure and applied yoga, the practicioner uses the physical body as a tool to access the subtle bodies, in order to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing and balance.
Thai yoga massage could be seen as a moving meditation. When performed with awareness, equanimity and loving kindness, practicing Thai yoga massage trains the body, the mind and the heart. It becomes a mutual meditation and a powerful energetic exchange with many benefits for both giver and receiver.
By offering these courses, Laurino is happy to bring Thai yoga massage back to its origins in India.

Contents of the beginners course: 82,5 hours of training which includes the systematic tuition of a full body Thai massage - different techniques used to work the energy lines - gentle and intense stretches - acupressure points - introduction to therapeutic work - the theory of Thai massage and the energy lines - explanation and practice of Chikung, Vipassana and Metta meditation and their application to Thai massage. Tuition takes place 7,5 hours a day, for 11 days.

Contents of the advanced side position course: This course teaches a full body massage in the side position – essential for pregnant women and useful for patients who have difficulty sitting or lying on their backs. Much of the work taught in this course is done with the therapist using their feet or from sitting and so is helpful for masseurs who have problems with their backs or knees. The style Laurino teaches in this course has been inspired by the work of the Thai massage master Chaiyuth Priyasith. Practice of Chikung, Vipassana and Metta meditation will also be part of the course. Tuition takes place 7,5 hours a day for 5 days.

Meeting point and Accomodation:
Shiva Garden
An old traditional Kerala style country house which is run as a homestay called the Shiva Garden.

Address: Shiva Garden
North Cliff, Kurakkanni
Varkala. P.O
Trivandrum (Dist.)
Kerala ,India

Phone: 0091 9349460261 or 0091 9349460261(Jayan)

Accomodation at the homestay has a great variety of options: very luxury appartments for 1700 rupees (can be shared by 4 students), double rooms for 600 rupees (that you can also share with another student for 300 rupees per person). A beautiful roof dorm, sheltered by an artistic bamboo structure is also available; accomodation in the dorm is 150 rupees for person, lockers are available. It is possible to set your own tent in shiva garden (check the fee with Jayan). For tent and dorm accomodation, better to book far in advance. For rooms, 2 weeks should be enough. All prices listed are for a single night, and are subject to change.
To book and check prices , please email:, or phone the numbers listed above.
Other accomodation options: Prices are variable in Varkalla, according to the season and the number of visitors. Advanced booking is a good idea in any case. If you do not mind walking a little away from the beach, you can easily find cheaper accomodation, around 150-250 rps. for a double room, that are not in the guide books.
Food is available at the homestay’s resturant for about 100 rupees a meal. Food is indian style, but not too spicy, prepared from very fresh ingredients. There is a wide variety of restaurants to suit any need and taste, closeby on the Cliff.

Course fees: The fees for the beginners Thai massage course are 200 euros or equivalent in Indian rupees, for 82,5 hours of training. The fees for the advanced course are 125 euros or equivalent in Indian rupees. This does not include accommodation or food.

The program for the beginners course will be as follows:
82,5 hours of massage training which includes the systematic tuition of a full body Thai massage - different techniques used to work the energy lines - many stretches and acupressure points - therapeutic techniques - the theory of Thai massage and the energy lines.

In our courses, Thai massage is learnt and practiced as an extension of spiritual practice and so some explanation and practice of Buddhist Vipassana and Metta meditation is given. Vipassana meditation sessions will take place most evenings during the course.

During the beginners course we work systematically through the full body massage. We will work for 7,5 hours a day, each day focusing on a different area of the body or a different position to work in.

Day 1 am: Introduction to history and theory of Thai massage.
Working on the feet.
pm: Working the energy lines on the legs.
Day 2 Single Leg exercises
Day 3 Double Leg exercises
Day 4 Stomach, chest arms and hands.
Day 5 Exercises in the side position.
Day 6 Practice day with teachers giving adjustments.
Day 7 Working on the back of the body.
Day 8 Working in the sitting position.
Day 9 am: Working on the face.
pm How to structure your massage.
Day 10 Practice day with teachers giving adjustments.
Day 11 Giving a full Thai massage with assessment of your work. Handing out of certificates.

Daily Schedule for both courses:
10,15 am – 1,15 pm: metta meditation, demonstrations, guided practice
1,15 pm – 3,15 pm: lunch break
3,15 pm – 6,15 pm: demonstrations, guided practice
6,15 pm – 7,45 pm: dharma talks, vipassana meditation practice, chi kung practice

At the start of each day there is a demonstration with explanation of the section of the massage you will be learning. After this the students practice on each other while the teacher gives adjustments so that the massage develops correctly and in a flow. At the end of the course there will be a day where you exchange a full massage with another student which is assessed and constructive feedback is given on your work.

There is a book provided with the beginners course that has pictures of all the exercises and many technical details and tips. Everyone who completes the course receives a certificate which allows them to go on to study advanced courses with the Sunshine Network.

If you would like to book a place on either of the courses, it is enough for now that you tell us of your intention to come. If you do this we will hold a place on the course for you and when you come to the registration meeting the day before the course starts you can pay the course fees and receive the course materials.

Laurino is a teacher of the Sunshine Network, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Website:

Registration: For more information, or to register, please contact Balazs at

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