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Dear Visitor, welcome to Bali`s thaimassage portal. Send an email if you would like some material uploaded which you cannot find here. Email:

1) To see Bali`s teaching schedule, please click here.

2) To listen to the "Om Namo Jivago" mantra, please click here. You need to click on the blue link when the page opens.

3) To read the Hsing Hsing Ming, a poem from the "other side" of enlightment, please click here.

4) For the website of the Integrated Massage and Movement Camp,Hungary, the scene of Laurino and Balis thaimassage teaching and retreats please click here.

5) For the website of the vipassana meditation retreat with Laurino in Hungary, please click here.

6) To view videos of thaimassage teachers in action, please click here. You will need to click on the blue Youtube links when the page opens to view the videos.

7) For the Sunshine Network homepage, for courses in the village and worldwide, please click here.

6) To visit my Sunshine Network teacher`s, Laurino`s website, please click here.

7) For more information on the Mindegyszer eco-community in Hungary, please click here.

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